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Why choose us ?


Innovation, expertise, dedication and professionalism of all employees, with strict application of the highest standards and primarily, reliable results, lead to thousands of patients giving their confidence to laboratories of PHCI “Diagnostica”. PHCI “Diagnostica” may offer a wide range of analyzes, performed by using the most modern, world-recognized methods, with the highest quality and most reliable laboratory reagents and equipment of leading manufacturers. In coming years, PHCI “Diagnostica” will continue to expand its range of services within health care, to develop cooperation with hospitals, clinics and doctors.

The scope of work:
  • taking samples and performing laboratory tests on human samples for diagnostic purposes porijekla u dijagnostičke svrhe
  • provision of field services for sampling and delivery of test results
  • procurement of reagents, equipment and supplies
  • training and further professional education of staff within and outside of the laboratory,
  • education and rising awareness of health education and health culture among patients and other users of laboratory services

Professional staff:


Our microbiology laboratory employs a medical doctor - specialised in microbiology and parasitology, clinical chemistry laboratory employs specialist of medical biochemistry, as well as required number of laboratory technicians with college and secondary school education. Employees are very well educated and experienced for the work they perform.



We have the highest quality microbiological and biochemical technology equipment, where, in addition to those common in other laboratories, we have the automatic ELISA processor, a semiautomatic ELISA-lines, multi-channel automatic biochemical analyzer, single-line biochemical analyzer, the automatic immunochemical analyzer, automatic haematology analyzer... We use reagents and diagnostic of the world class manufacturers. The purpose of this is to obtain reliable tests result.



There are over 300 m2 of equipped space, at locations easily accessible. We have a fully adequate, in accordance with laboratory standards, equipped space, functional for both, users of our services and staff.